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Enchanting Vagamon Hills of Kerala

Enchanting Vagamon Hills of Kerala

Situated at an altitude of 1100 m above sea level, Wagamon is located on the outskirts of the Western Ghats and is surrounded by three main hills - Murugan, Kurishumala and Thangal hills representing the principal religions in kerala  Hinduism, Christianity, Islam - depicting the cultural harmony. Wagamon also known as the ‘Scotland of Asia’, was first discovered by the British.

I have visited this place, God only knows, how many times. The lush greenery, the clinging dew on the plants freshly formed from the tears of sky, the hovering dark clouds and the misty mountain breezes, the wriggling rivulets breaking free - Nature's lap was my picnic spot. And monsoons, adds a mysterious charm to Vagamon, intensifying her enchantment. Each time I come here this haven looks new and different to me, like Nature's fleeting moments.

The journey to Wagamon, through the smooth highway, with majestic mountains and deep ravines on your side is an overwhelming experience. Driving through the sharp curves of the meandering rock-hewn roads uphill, with deep gorges on the turns, dangerously seducing, is exhilarating. Stopovers on the route provide magnificent views of the deep valleys and the rolling plains below, the pine trees capped mountains and the mystical mountain streams. 

Wagamon has everything a nature lover or a nature photographer seeks. The undulating hills, the green meadows and pastoral farms, the mystical pine forest, a reclusive monastery, the tea and spice gardens adorning the landscape, the mellowed mountain streams and the cascading waterfalls in the rocky terrain, the misty breezes veiling the mountains - it's the perfect dream. 

Wagamon has many incredible spots that are breathtaking. My favourite has always been the monastery and the pastoral farms. Having been always fascinated by Wordsworth's imageries, the monastery-'Kurishumala Ashram' and the pastoral meadows, have always bewitched me. The abbey, an abode of Cistercian monks and nuns, follows the traditional Indian monastic lifestyle blending Christian faith and Gandhian thoughts. An idyllic spot for meditation, the silence, the serenity, the simplicity and the sanctity you find here, is surreal. Everything and everyone here, dwells in harmony with Nature and in communion with God.


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