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The property has hundreds of old and tall trees overshadowing the resort landscape covered with stretches of preserved wilderness, carefully nurtured cardamom plantations, gurgling streams, rocky formations, wet and green with moss and lichens and the numerous orchids and wild plants covering the tree barks and rocks. The highly endemic species of birds, butterflies, moths, small and harmless wild animals and several varieties of wild flowers all cohabit and make this piece of nature a reflection of the Garden of Eden. The whole air is suffused with the honeymoon ambience with all the privacy and security that you have ever dreamed of. The sound of birds singing, humming of the bumble bees and chirping of the crickets, the rustle of leaves and the swishing of branches as the perennial breeze plays with them, the gurgling sound of the stream, all add to the 'honeymoon in the lap of nature' ambience. The shady trees, the flower-bedecked bushes and vines, the aroma of exotic flora and the colourful butterflies add to the enchanting aura. Honeymooners will never have a moment of boring inactivity here. They can go on short and long treks through virgin forestlands and well kept organic plantations, along rocky streams and meadowlands. Recreational activities, campfire, barbecue and adventure activities make every moment memorable. Perhaps the most enthralling experience of all would be viewing the sunset, beyond layers upon layers of blue hills, all the while holding hands and hearts together in sweet intimacy. The guests will relish the prompt and dedicated, yet least obtrusive, service and homely hospitality. That is why each visitor longs for returning again and again to this Garden of Eden.


Swimming Pool
24-hour Hot & Cold Water
Tea & Coffee Maker
24 hr Room Service


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