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Tree walks in Trivandrum

Tree walks in Trivandrum

Free walking tour is the first activity we look out for in any new city. Here in Trivandrum, we were told of an active movement called the “tree walk”. We grab any opportunity of meeting and interacting with the locals. A tree walk sounded like a perfect way to do that!During the walk, we met Anitha, who started this movement with other like minded tree lovers of Trivandrum. Every Sunday, they meet in a locality, select a species for the day and observe those trees. They have now undertaken a more serious task of conducting a census of the trees and creating a database.Thanks to Anitha and her colleagues, we saw the original version of the rubber tree. Original, Anitha told us, was “like it would grow in the wild, without being modified for maximum rubber production”. The only time we had seen it earlier was in the Amazon. Surprisingly, the rubber conflict was a topic discussed in our tour of the Amazon, as well as during the tree walk in Trivandrum! Some issues are indeed of a global nature!

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